About the site

Love cars? Love vintage cars? Do you know the difference between vintage, classic and veteran (antique) cars? If you don’t then this blog is for you. If you do then please, contribute to the discussions with your knowledge and experience. The blog will explore similarities and differences between the classifications both here, in Europe and America. Some of these classifications are controversial and open to interpretation, let’s open the discussions up and see what evolves! The blog will also share information on rallies and events with vintage cars all over the UK and Europe and occasionally the rest of the world. We shall also look at some of the fabulous collections of cars that can be found around the world either privately owned or in museums. The blog will also give ‘how to’ guidelines in maintaining your car, advice on parts and where to find them and of course discussion on the timeless stars themselves, the cars; Austin Healy, E-TypeJaguars, Triumphs and much more

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