We all have favourite things that we like to collect and keep, for some of us its wine for others its rare art from certain centuries, and the stranger ones collect rare animals. Have you ever thought that some of this keepsake could be a gold mine, and get you out of a financial jam or maybe just increase your current financial portfolio? Well, if you have some vintage car brands that are parked in your garage, you could one day cash a fat check at the bank. You may ask is it worth investing in a vintage car? Vintage car brands have come back as some of the best investment options in the last few years, the Ferrari, Lamborghini and the Porsche are some of the best brands to be holding on to right now. The list of great all-time vintage cars is endless such as Chevrolet Camaro, TVR Griffith, Bugatti type 57, Ford Boss 302 Mustang, Volvo p1800, Chevrolet Corvette, Austin-Healey 3000, and the long hooded beauty the SS cars SS100 which is the predecessor of the present day Jaguar.

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