When you hear someone mentioning the Aston Martin DB5, you know what follows is worth your attention especially if you are a fan of James Bond. The classic old-school car has appeared in five James Bond films including Skyfall, which is a recently released movie. When Bond was selecting the classic Aston Martin DB5, he passed so many cars that “can take you from point A to B”. He wanted one of the most famous cars in the world. He landed on the stunning machine that has remained an icon of the British automatic history. If you’ve watched these movies, you wouldn’t be hard-pressed to accept that the DB5 is one of the vehicles that Bond depended on the most. If it is cool with world renowned action movie star Bond, then it’s cool enough for you too. The classic Aston Martin DB5 has a magnesium-alloy body that contributes significantly to the kerb weight of 1502 kg. How sweet would it be to park your Aston Martin DB5 in your garage? While having a DB5 like Bond’s could cause you to lose an arm and leg, you could still experience the life of a superstar without digging deep into your pocket. There is a wide variety of DB5s to choose from. From petrol-heads to petticoats, vintage car displays have it all.

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