If you are a lover of classic or vintage cars, then you must not miss the wonderfully nostalgic Rover 10hp. Rover has a distinguished history and few people realise the legendary brand started back in 1887 with the production of bicycles. They began manufacturing cars in 1904 and in 1927 introduced the Rover 10hp. The name represented a 10 percent increased capacity but 25 percent increase in power output. The original was a four seater saloon with a three-speed gearbox, drive through the rear wheels and internally expanding brakes on all four wheels. Later they went on to develop a two-seater coupe, an open tourer and a semi-sports tourer. This smooth and quiet saloon could reach 46 mph on the straight. An absolutely delightful vintage car, they were comfortable, well equipped and included an automatic lubrication system and Rover ‘Freewheel System’ which made for very quiet, economical running. If you are a re-fit or restoration enthusiast, the large bonnet and small engine gives easy access, and parts are still available among collectors. For those of you who just want to view this stunning old car, then there are plenty of classic and vintage shows, car rallies and track days all over the UK. They are also very popular in Northern Ireland, where the annual Mayor’s Show in Ballymoney was hugely successful with vintage car lovers. Ballymoney Old Vehicle Club was established in 1992 and continues the tradition with vintage rallies and fun days. So why not take the family out this weekend, indulge your favourite pastime and take a look!

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