There’s nothing like vintage cars and bikes because they just show us a golden age of motoring. Certainly, it would seem that the early 1900s was a time of great classics. the start of the Christmas shopping season is always a time to wish for wonderful gifts like these. If receiving such an extravagant gift is out of the question, the next best thing is to visit vintage bike and car shows. These vintage cars and bikes that make life worthwhile include models that arouse an enormous amount of interest. The beautiful village of Ashover in the UK is the perfect setting to see classic cars and bikes. The Ashover Rotary Classic Car and Bike Show offers prizes for the best cars and bikes in its class. The money made at this show is shared between different charities. Some people make an entire weekend of these wonderful shows because there are always trade stalls for non-motoring people to enjoy. From the 1920 Fiat 9 litre, 4-cylinder 50-60 Tipo to some pioneer motorcycles and 3-wheelers, you’ll have a ball looking at bikes and cars in their original and authentic condition. The beauty about many of these cars and bikes is that they aren’t museum pieces but instead will sometimes be seen on the road, depicting their outstanding qualities.

Vintage cars and bikes

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