Vintage refers to something of very high-quality from the past and vintage cars certainly recall a golden age of motoring, and the 1920s was a period of awesome classics. These cars have some amazing qualities that continue to arouse admiration some 90, 100 years later. Vintage cars definition is therefore about fine, durable motor cars with qualities that make many motoring fans today say ‘they don’t make ’em like that anymore’. After the first world war, the motor trade geared up for business and The taxonomy of vintage cars saw names such as Austin, Ford, Vauxhall, Wolseley, Daimler, Humber, Singer and many others building cars again. The vintage cars definition is quite the opposite to modern soulless cars. True vintage cars had individuality and meticulous construction because they were built in a creative era. Today the Vintage movement is ever strong and many ‘one-make’ clubs have been formed, and there are historic parades, rallies and shows which spread further interest of these splendid cars.

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